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Jim Samaroden, Marriage Commisssioner
Tel: 780 790 1111
Cell: 780 714 7777
Fax: 1 855 213 2747
Email: jim@wedding-commissioner.ca

Make it your day

Ensuring that your wedding is the way you want it is our top priority! Your special day needs to be exactly the way that you want it. Perhaps you know exactly what you want, which makes it all the easier. But perhaps you are unaware of all the different types of wedding ceremonies. I would be happy to help you sift through all the options and come to a decision. Whether you want a religious ceremony, a simple prayer, or a purely civil ceremony; if you want to exchange rings, light candles, or have a handfasting ceremony; even if you want to go barefoot. Talk to us and we can find the perfect ceremony for you.

Plus, as a resident and sole proprietor in Fort McMurray for over 42 years, I have intimate knowledge of the different locations you may want to have your ceremony and banquets. I can also let you know about other wedding services in the area.

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